Law of Requisite Variety

Jan 13, 2021

What would you do if I told you that there was a way that you could get more out of life without even really having to change anything? 

You see, there's some simple laws in the presuppositions of NLP, which is neurolinguistics programming. 
And one of the simple laws is the Law of Requisite Variety, right? 
So with the presuppositions of NLP and the Law of Requisite Variety states that he who has the most behavioral flexibility rules the system. 
So think about that. How would that change things for you? 
Now, most people get stuck into a thought or idea, right? 
You know, it's either black or white. 
It's either yes or no. So there's no in between. 
And when there's no in between, we end up getting really frustrated or really attached to these ideals of the way that we think things should be, as opposed to the way that things are. 
Now, imagine how different your life would look if you were able to see things for how they are and be flexible with the behavior. 
So even let's think about our environment right? 
If you think of a tree, if you think of an oak tree, an oak tree has a really thick base, right? 
And when you think of that oak tree, if a big gush of wind is to hit that oak... 
piece of wind hitting that oak tree and that oak tree is going to snap in half, right? Or tumble completely over or rip out at the roots. 
Now, if you think of a more flexible tree and you think of the wind hitting that, what happens is, is because it's got flexibility, it kind of flows, as opposes to break. 
So think of even your body. 
When your body is flexible, you're less likely to pull a muscle. 
So if your mind, if we increase the flexibility of our mind, think about how much easier our life could be. 
So again, the Law of Requisite Variety takes us out of that black and white thinking and puts us into kinda thinking that, "Hey, I can change my mind and that's okay."
"I can be okay with this or that."
"I don't have to have that set attachment to any one thing."

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