Have you always wanted to become a CERTIFIED Life and Success Coach?
I Will Teach You How You To Become A...
Highly-Paid Life and Success Coach Which Changes Hundreds of Lives This 2020!
Discover my signature proprietary process that has helped 100's of people achieve a completely new level of financial success and time freedom by becoming certified Life Coaches.
Dear Aspiring Coaches,
Coaching is a battle you’ll never win if you don’t have the right ammunition, to begin with. 

At least, not at first.

You need to nail these down to make the winning worth the battle:
1.   The coaching knowledge you need to help your clients.
2.  A system and process in place to build your coaching business from the ground up.
These are both crucial if you want to last long in the business and move towards your first 6-figure income goal... while doing a more noble purpose to help change lives.

And those who failed to get these right, experience a cold and sure end.
Are you tired of trading your family’s quality time for hours in a cubicle, trading your health for a paycheck... broke as hell and stressed to the max?
 Do you feel like working in the corporate is like always touching the glass ceiling... there wasn't anywhere to grow, your life suffocates and dies with your hope?
 Does it drive you crazy to know others are experiencing the best life you’ve always been dreaming of... while you are killing your life to corporate slavery? Do they seem to figure things out even if you know for a fact that you’re way smarter than they are?
 Do you feel in your heart you deserve MORE? MORE money… MORE happiness… MORE satisfaction… MORE fun… MORE freedom… MORE love… MORE of SOMETHING?
 Are you ready to use your God’s given gift, shift yourself into a whole new level of possibilities... while creating impactful changes in people’s lives? And finally become the best version of yourself as a certified life and success coach?
If these feel like you, then you need to listen and step up.

Because I’ll show you how to start a coaching business in sync with your core belief and values.
In this letter, I’ll show you how I can help you solve your problems.
Obtaining Mastery is the place which helps and supports those who are looking to live a passion driven life and make a living doing so.

I’m a certified trainer of NLP, hypnosis, EFT, time techniques, success and life coaching.
I’m also a published author of two books, Get Off The Couch and The Hypnotic Language of Success.

My mission is to educate, inspire, and guide individuals who want to be a part of the “change” movement through coaching.

Today I have a number of fancy titles I’ve used, but the one I love the most is the Trainer.
Though two decades ago, my life wasn't easy. 
Saying it’s the exact opposite of what I am today is an understatement.
I still remember it like it was yesterday.

After graduation, I secured a job as a full-time teacher. I loved my students, but the pay could barely cover my car payments let alone a place to live and food. I had to have 3 roommates just to live.

I started looking for what else I could do with a bachelors in social psychology and the answer... was NOT MUCH.
I applied for grad school, quit my job teaching, and went back to bartending.

Back then, I became a single mom working 3 jobs. Napping in the office parking lot. Getting sick from being overworked. I was exhausted. I honestly couldn’t get out of my own way. 

I lived in a tiny place leaving the house when it’s dark coming home when it’s dark — day in, day out. I remember working 100+ hour a week. I’ve been doing it like clockwork for years.

In 2016, I gave birth to my 2nd son, and I didn’t want to be working those long hours in the office as I had been with my first.

I’m dying inside…

The more I worked, the angrier I became because I knew that I was destined for more.

Then, I got to a point where I said: This can’t be it. Enough is enough.

I wanted to enjoy my growing boys and my life while being able to do what I love.
In 2017, I signed up for a class which blew my mind… 
and my life.
I became a practitioner.

I’ve experienced a total shift.

One moment, I was stressed out, helpless, and miserable.

But in the end, I came out victorious and fired up which turned my life into something I never thought possible. 
I gained freedom.

I discovered a solution which leads me to live the life I truly want reflecting my most authentic self... while creating a significant impact on the lives of others.
Get back more time, make more money, and enjoy the lifestyle you really want while working less…
… which is probably why you went into coaching in the first place.
 Imagine having the luxury of pulling away from work anytime... head to a restaurant and order anything you want without looking at the price.
You never have to go after the cheapest meal… cheapest drinks… or skip out an appetizer just to save you a few bucks.

You can even buy your family great sumptuous food without worrying about the bill.
 Imagine having thousand dollars of savings left every month after you’ve covered your living expenses.
You never have to worry about how to pay the bills and to be able to help others financially even on emergencies.

You feel way better knowing you have more than enough cash in your wallet... instead of living from paycheck to paycheck. Family trips and unexpected expenses will not drain your bank account to zero... because you’re now financially secure.
 Imagine hosting your very own successful self-development workshops for your audience.
Be the “change” you want to be by touching the lives of other people through your well-thought products and services.

These amazing products deliver successes for your clients which leave massive impact on their lives. As a result, you have a legacy which your family and friends will be proud of.
 Imagine speaking on stage and sharing what you've learned throughout your life and your coaching business.
Become an authority and influence people to make a change and transformation which will be greatly remembered... even if you’re long gone.
 Imagine becoming a highly-paid, sought after, certified coach and authority in the eyes of your target clients. 
Build your expert positioning that sets you up as the only viable solution your clients need.
No more frustration and struggling to figure out how to market your services... because you are attracting clients here and there.

Acquire a complete and concise blueprint specifically designed for coaches... so you'll have the essential foundation pieces to market your business... with less effort and more confidence.
 Imagine experiencing breakthroughs and massive results just like a flip of a switch.
Become more productive, more creative, more strategic... more of everything that you think you need to be... to become more successful. And duplicate the same outstanding results for your clients.
When you have a proven method working for you…
And that’s EXACTLY what I want to share with you today.

If you genuinely want to achieve ultimate coaching success in minimum time, this is for you.

You can now experience the amazing results with a breakthrough NEW model for starting and running your coaching business.

Yes, this method is the ultimate riverbank of your success!

Transform your life from miserable to "Life's too good. Is this real?".

OM Coaching Method: 

Become A Certified, Highly Paid Life and Success Coach Using My Signature Proprietary Process
Help thousands of people achieve a completely new level of success in their lives!
Here’s Who’s Going To Have The Biggest Impact By Joining This Course
This course is for you if:
 You want to make a significant difference in the lives of others... while creating massive results for your clients and in your life at the same time. They grow. You grow.
 You are open to new learnings and willing to take the necessary action needed in the shortest possible time. Fast track is the name of the game.
 You always aspire for greatness, and you believe you are destined for MORE. More happiness. More money. More freedom.
 You want to find a lucrative income source without going back to school... and entirely avoiding massive debts and student loans.
 You’re tired and frustrated with the corporate hamster wheel and you just want out. 
If you answer “YES” to any of these, then this course will do wonders for you.
A proven process which worked for a lot of men and women so far…

"Since taking the courses, I have published two books with a third in the works, created programs to help my clients have extreme breakthroughs and have achieved many of my own personal goals and growth in the process."

Being a life coach has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. I’ve always had a deep passion for helping others be the best version of themselves. The courses with Obtaining Mastery have not only allowed me to get a full understanding of Life & Success coaching, but have given me the avenue to achieve my Master level certification in NLP, Life & Success Coaching, EFT, Hypnosis and Time Techniques.
The courses are well prepared and Dr Kelley’s ability to bring her knowledge and creativity while having an open forum to ask questions, made it such pleasant learning experience. Since taking the courses, I have published two books with a third in the works, created programs to help my clients have extreme breakthroughs and have achieved many of my own personal goals and growth in the process.
My goal is to take what I’ve learned through Obtaining Mastery and not only apply it to my life, but help others to be anchored in their purpose, promise and prosperity.
 If you are looking to achieve your goals or help others to do the same, I highly recommend Obtaining Mastery Courses.  

“And everyone’s questions are answered. I think that was the best! "

I’ve been in this coaching atmosphere for a long time, probably a decade or so. It’s as far as teaching and inspiring other people to better themselves.

And the only thing that I've really been lacking is a certification. A stamp of approval from somebody else proving that the stuff I’m saying is worthy to be heard on a greater scale.

My motivation all goes back to teach and inspire other people. I’d really want to take the teachings and the content that Maritsa has shown us and be able to implement it into my own business. And push forward with my own vision of what I’m trying to create with my world.

I really appreciate the “boutique” feel inside the program. It’s very intimate, very open forum.

I really appreciate her tone, her vibe. She always gets everyone’s questions. So, there wasn’t like she’s trying to hurry up through the process and people are being skipped. Even if I feel like, “Oh my gosh, there are too many questions being asked.”

She’s very calm and really make sure that she “thoroughly” answers the questions for everybody. And everyone’s questions are answered. I think that was the best!

And I love it because a lot of times... people are asking questions that I was maybe thinking of but like I don’t feel like asking as it’ll take much time. So, I appreciate other people asking questions. So the fact that those questions are all answered actually wind up benefiting me even more... because they were questions I was thinking of.

“I actually didn’t want to get up the chair cause I wanna listen. "

I enrolled in the program because I just always wanted to do life coaching.

I want to be knowledgeable about things that in any way I’m dealing with. I see a lot of clients, and I want to be more knowledgeable of what I’m doing, what I’m saying. And if I’m saying the right thing in a right way.

The thing that stood out to me about this program is I feel like I wanna know more. I realized there are a lot of things out there that I didn’t know and it just opened my mind to wanna do it more and more and more.

Would I recommend this course? Absolutely! I think Maritsa is a great person. She’s very interesting.

I didn’t know how am I gonna handle so many hours sitting down for this course cause I’m not that type of person. But when I was there, I actually didn’t want to get up the chair cause I wanna listen. The way she’s talking and the way she’s explaining things, it’s just so wonderful!
KEREN shick-lelczuk
One day, I realized I own the CHOICES in my life.

Those choices shaped my life the way it was.

Making me realize I have the power to change the direction as to where I wanna go. I get to make up my mind on how I want my day to be and NO one else.

This option was the shift I desperately needed. You see, once I realized who was in control, EVERYTHING changed.
And from that point moving forward, I make a conscious effort to make choices to live at my fullest potential... while doing the same for others.

This business changed my life. And definitely, it'll change your life too.

Get everything you need to develop, create, promote and grow your profitable coaching business.
Make more while working less. Have more balance. More control. And be able to give your loved ones the attention they deserve.

"I don’t think any other person not benefiting from this course."

It helped me establish what my end result was gonna be. It helps me kinda dream and think outside of my box. Before getting the program, I always limit myself on what my goals are gonna be.
Maritsa really enforced or insisted that you dream so big that it sounds ridiculous. She also gave me the tools to figure out how I was gonna achieve those things. She really helps you break it down for you to reach it and teach other people how to achieve it.

This program is basically for anybody who has any sort of aspiration to be successful in any way.
Not everybody is equipped and designed to be an entrepreneur, and have a successful business. It's just unrealistic to think that. But I think that as a human being, we all should have goals. And understand that there’s no big goal you can’t achieve.

I don’t think any other person not benefiting from this course.
OM Coaching Method
This course is a straight-forward, unabridged blueprint I’ve put together… to give you everything I’ve learned about the coaching business. This blueprint includes my top coaching strategy and business-scaling secrets... in one place for you.
This place is the ultimate resource to give you total financial control for the rest of your life!
Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Life-Changing Course:
 Discover how to give constructive feedback on your clients’ progress using the unique “OTP” technique... which will identify areas that need attention and improvement based on progress.
 Recognize one of the biggest obstacles to progress and how you can reverse it as soon as possible.
 One powerful skill you need to master to dig up limiting decisions... breakdown limiting beliefs... uncover negative emotions and any other obstacle in your client’s way. And how to coach them through those obstacles the right way.
 5 essential characteristics of helpful, powerful questions you can ask client to uncover the challenges which get in the way of their progress.
 The 11-point guide to creating achievable outcomes... which will make your dreams and goals a reality 100% of the time!
 The 5 pillars of an effective goal you can use to smash your goals and make each year the BEST year ever
 How “working backward” can help you turn your goals into reality… guaranteed.
 The 6-letter word you need to avoid offering outright to your clients... and what you should help them discover instead.
 3 specific techniques for gaining commitment which works very well to anyone. (If done right.)
 The two important status in achieving even the most basic outcomes. Plus, how you can help your client to accomplish their desired results and transformation.
 What is anchoring and The RACE technique of anchoring? Plus, how you can use this technique effectively as a coach.
 Discover the TURNIP formula to creating successful anchors and learn precisely what you should do to producing the same.
 How to help the client find a more appropriate way to meet the need to let go of the problem by breaking that unhelpful pattern.
 8 exceptional marketing secrets your competitors don't want you to know about
 The 5-step formula to creating a dynamic personal brochure which will make you stand out from the crowd... and make your prospects thrilled to seek for your service.
Why OM Coaching Method Will Open The Gate of New Possibilities... Using A Surprisingly Simple Way To Make More Money And More Time… FAST!
OM Coaching is unlike any other coaching program in the market today.

My signature proprietary process which I created - that if followed to a “T,” will give you the foundation to coach someone confidently... bring massive results to your high-end clients… all while enjoying the laptop lifestyle with your loved ones!

It’s the only coaching certification program where I’ll be sharing all the secrets you need to start coaching hundreds of clients on a whole new, different level.

What I’m gonna teach focus not only on content... but on the system and actual process I do and operate my coaching business. It’s like duplicating myself through you.

I’ve invested $498,756 on courses, trainings, coaching and masterminds about being a certified coach, marketing and business. And $101,430 on personal growth and development… so you don’t have to.

Plus, I have a clinical and business background. So I can help you to deeply understand the business and the client aspect to best help your clients... and build your business.

No more guesswork. No more confusion.

100% based on my real experience and is PROVEN to work in the real world.

Here’s How OM Coaching Method Can Create Limitless Growth In Your Income and Freedom
1. Seven Step OM Coaching Method (Worth $1,497)
You’ll have access to X videos which are divided into 7 modules. And this course’ sole purpose: to help you learn the effective coaching process... through a proven system used for literally anyone... from CEO to professional athletes or even stay at home moms.
Step 1 - Connecting with Your Client, So Clients Know, Like And Trust You
In this module, you’ll discover how to conclusively establish the connection you need... so the client will have the level of trust on your process and your ability to help them get the results they want.
Step 2 - Collecting Info, Giving Feedback Without Sounding Pushy or Phony
In this module, you’ll uncover ways to understand the life and current state of your client better. This is a phase where you’ll get to know your client on a deeper level... so you can help create the perfect game plan in achieving the goals they set to achieve.

Plus, how to document the information you are receiving and give feedback... so it is easily accepted and understood by the client.
Step 3 - Asking Powerful Questions To Reveal The Truth
In this module, you’ll discover how to start a meaningful dialogue with your client by asking a set of powerful questions. These questions will uncover the limiting beliefs, struggles and negative emotions which are holding them back in achieving their fullest potential.

These questions will aid in getting your client to think more in-depth about their current situation... which will make them realize things about their life.
Step 4 - Creating Outcomes Which Bring The Most Results
In this module, you’ll discover how to create an achievable outcome that’s crystal clear... giving you the utmost clarity about your goals.

It entails identifying your situation... reverse engineering what you need to do to achieve them... what are the indications you have them, including the context and ecology involved.
Step 5 - An Action Plan Roadmap Which Helps You Achieve Your Goals… FAST
You’ll discover how to create a step by step plan so that the goal is attainable, relevant and possible. You’ll learn the simple system on how to create a road map so effective... it’s like designing your fail-proof success the right way.
Step 6 - Get Commitment: Do Everything In Your Clients’ Power To Take Action, Complete Their Action Steps And Succeed At Each One
In this module, you’ll find out how commitment and accountability play a big role in creating success in your life... and the life of your clients.

These two alone can make the coaching relationship so powerful... making your client’s results visible because of consistent actions supporting the desired outcome.
Step 7 – Creating Momentum: Use to Your Advantage to Achieve Even the Most Basic (Or Most Complex) Outcome For Your Clients
Discover how you can create momentum and motivation by using a proven and tested technique... while incorporating our mind’s basic languages. Plus, a breakthrough approach which you can implement wherein the brain links two things together neurologically.

This method will help you change your current state and shift to a whole new level which enables you to achieve your goals.
2. An 8-Week Exclusive Group Coaching Call (Worth $13,979)
Every month, I’ll be hosting a private group coaching call with you wherein you can ask me any confusion you have about coaching, including but not limited to:
 How to market your coaching business while attracting the perfect client 
 How to stand out in the coaching arena while maintaining your core values and identity 
 How to find the perfect niche which resonates with you  
And many more!
This is one of the ways I personally know to help you move faster in becoming a successful, profitable life and success coach.

But we’re not done yet…
If you join the OM Coaching Method today,
you’ll also get these 4 excellent bonuses!
1. VIP only Facebook Group Support And Private Email Support (Worth $2,997)
You’ll be automatically a member of my VIP Only secret FB group called (insert name here) where other like-minded people hang out. This group is more like a “happy” place for game-changers and high-achievers (like yourself ) who’ll push you to move forward and beyond.

And just what the saying goes: “it’s not “what” you know, it’s WHO you know.”

The key is to get connections. Period.

And if you’re an email type of person, I virtually open my inbox to accept your questions. And expect a response from me ASAP.

My goal is to help you start and establish your coaching business until you get your first paying client... while enjoying the flexibility of doing and having anything you want.

I’m fully aware that the first client is usually the most exciting part of the process. So I want to make sure that I’m here for you every step of the way. To cheer you on. To help you. To guide you.
2. One 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Call (Worth $3,997)
You and I will go on a 30-minute, one-on-one coaching call where I’ll share with you coaching insider strategies tailored fit to your needs... so you can have the life you want while enjoying the journey doing the coaching business.

As part of this “change” movement, you’ll not only get personalized strategies. But I’m also giving you my most prized secrets normally reserved for my high-end clients who pay $10,000 a pop.

You’ll be getting actionable, no-fluff content directly from the trenches! Strategies & secrets that will directly impact your income and life...
3. Fast Track Templates and Cheat Sheets (Worth $1,299)
You’ll also receive OM Coaching Method Fast Track Templates designed to help you leverage the print-ready documents you’ll need to conduct coaching for clients. It’s like having a toolbox readily available to your full advantage.

No need for endless Google searches. No more guesswork. No more confusion.
4. Expert Interviews of Coaches and Mentors (Worth $2,799)
You’ll also have lifetime access to expert interviews which ranges, from experienced coaches, marketers, and influencers related to the coaching field... so you can get powerful, actionable insights which you can apply to your coaching and your life.
To sum it up, here are what you’ll getting when you join OM Coaching Method Today...
#1 The Seven Step OM Coaching Method (Worth $1,497)
# 2 An 8-Week Exclusive Group Coaching Call (Worth $13,979)
Bonus # 1 VIP only Facebook Group Support And Private Email Support (Worth $2,997)
Bonus # 2 One 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Call (Worth $3,997)
Bonus # 3 Fast Track Templates and Cheat Sheets (Worth $1,299)
Bonus # 4 Expert Interviews of Coaches and Mentors (Worth $2,799)
The Total Value is $26,568!
Here Are What My Past Enrollees Say About The Program

"It’s just a complete, new and transformative experience!”

I’m at a stage with my coaching where I’m truly in a position where I need to be taken to the next step. And this just came out the perfect time. It’s carrying me there and it’s incredible!

It really feels like the beginning of something now.

Honestly, the one thing that stood out is Maritsa’s absolute fire and passion plus her capacity to draw people sin. And not only take people’s attention and do something with it but how she drops in these knowledge bombs that just hit you over the head.

And not only things that are suitable for coaching and training, but things you can actually take and use for your entire life, use for interaction, for your relationships or just the way you present yourself to others.

It’s just a complete, new and transformative experience!

"... it just made it so seamless.”

I really like her. I like her style. She’s really knowledgeable and reputable in this coaching area. And I really like the fact too, that she is a licensed mental health counselor (and so am I) and just taking the transition from being a therapist into the coaching world. And I thought she would be very knowledgeable in helping me understand what that change of world looks like.

I really want to understand more the difference between coaching and therapy. And how can I add more tools to help people in new ways that I’m not trained as a clinician.

I love the people here. I love Maritsa’s style. And I just feel it’s like a family and everybody just working very well together just feeding off the energy.

And we’re all just trying to be better people feeling and helping others. And Maritsa making a part of that process, it just made it so seamless.

"...it already met my most minimum expectation and had gone beyond.”

What motivated me is I’m really interested in the coaching industry. Working as a coach, I feel like I already do quite a bit of that.

I wanted a program that was genuine, real, and legit. I wanted a program that I knew that I was gonna go through I was gonna get the information, the hours and the time needed to be certified.

I hope to achieve coming in, is gaining some knowledge in regards to what coaching is compared to therapy (which I received that information).

So, it already met my most minimum expectation and had gone beyond.

I think that so much of what I’ve learned could be used in life in general and does not need to be just for the coaching industry — highly recommended!
But you’re not going to Pay $26,568.
When you decide to invest in yourself today, you’re only going to pay
only 1 simple, easy payment of only $1497.
Click The Button and Get Instant Access to OM Coaching Method Today!
If you’re still on the fence, then read the rest of what I have in store for you.
20-Day, No Questions Asked, 
Money Back Guarantee
I highly value my reputation. The entire coaching community and the business community (in my area) TRUST me... because I do what I say and I’m true to my words. Plus, I’m huge in giving value and getting my clients massive results.
That’s why if for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the course... I wholeheartedly offer a FULL refund of your investment.
You might be asking why only 20 days?
It’s because, on the 21st day, I’ll be revealing most prized secrets normally reserved for my high-end clients. These are valuable secrets that people have paid me $10,000 for me to show it to them
These are the hidden secrets other coaches will never reveal... yet I’m going to share it with you if you become part of the OM Coaching Method family.
If this sounds like right up your alley, then I invite you to join TODAY! 
Click The Button and Get Instant Access to OM Coaching Method Today!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will this consume much of my time? How many hours should I allocate to it each day?
A: If you’re busy, then this is the perfect course for you. Why? Because you can invest 1-2 hours per day or even way lesser than that since you can take the content on your own pace.
You could finish as quickly as a few days, or take as long as you like if you have other important things which you manage in your life. The videos, templates and definite roadmap will cut your time significantly. 
And you don’t need to worry about your access because you’ll have lifetime access to all the content... including those which will be added in the future. 
Q: Will this work for me even if I have zero coaching skills?
A: As long as you do the work, yes. Watch the videos, consume the content and implement what you’ve learned, there’s no other way to make it happen.
Also, ask a lot of questions, even if you think it’s a silly one, we won’t judge. My goal is to remove all the confusion and overwhelm you feel about the program.
And help you move closer to starting and maintaining a profitable, purpose-fulfilling 6-figure coaching business... so you can escape the 9-5, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, take control of your time and your life... while having the confidence to transform someone’s life!
Q: There are questions I need to ask not included in this FAQS list.
A: Great! Send us an email at info@obtainingmastery.com and we’ll be happy to welcome and answer all your burning questions. Please note that turnaround time is between 24-48 hours.
Click The Button and Get Immediate Access to OM Coaching Method Today!
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Here’s what you’ll get if you join my workshop today:
# 1 The Seven Step OM Coaching Method (Worth $1,497)
# 2 An 8-Week Exclusive Group Coaching Call (Worth $13,979)
Bonus # 1 VIP only Facebook Group Support And Private Email Support (Worth $2,997)
Bonus # 2 One 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Call (Worth $3,997)
Bonus # 3 Fast Track Templates and Cheat Sheets (Worth $1,299)
Bonus # 4 Expert Interviews of Coaches and Mentors (Worth $2,799)
Total Value = $26,568
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