Have you always wanted to become a Life and Success Coach?

I Will Teach You How To Become A...
Highly-Paid Life and Success Coach Which Changes Hundreds of Lives This 2021!


Discover my signature proprietary process that has helped 100's of people achieve a completely new level of financial success and time freedom by incorperation Life Coaches.


I Will Teach You How To Build...

Whether You Are Looking To Give Your Practice a Make Over Or Start From The Beginning, This Is The Perfect Place To Start


Discover my signature proprietary process that has helped 100's of people achieve a completely new level of financial success and time freedom by becoming Certified Life Coaches.


This course is NOT our ACC qualified course. This course is qualified with the IBCP. 




OM Coaching Method Non-Certification

Become A Highly Paid Life and Success Coach Using My Signature Proprietary Process

Help Thousands of People Achieve a Completely New Level of Success in Their Lives!

Here’s Who’s Going To Have The Biggest Impact By Joining This Course

      This course is for you if:

  • You want to make a significant difference in the lives of others... while creating massive results for your clients and in your life at the same time. They grow. You grow.
  • You are open to new learnings and willing to take the necessary action needed in the shortest possible time. Fast track is the name of the game.
  • You always aspire for greatness, and you believe you are destined for MORE. More happiness. More money. More freedom.
  • You want to find a lucrative income source without going back to school... and entirely avoiding massive debts and student loans.
  • You’re tired and frustrated with the hamster wheel and you just want out.

Have more balance. More control

And be able to live like you want and deserve.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Life-Changing Course:


  • Discover how to give constructive feedback on your clients’ progress using the unique “OTP” technique... which will identify areas that need attention and improvement based on progress.


  • Recognize one of the biggest obstacles to progress and how you can reverse it as soon as possible.


  • One powerful skill you need to master to dig up limiting decisions... breakdown limiting beliefs... uncover negative emotions and any other obstacle in your client’s way. And how to coach them through those obstacles the right way.


  • 5 essential characteristics of helpful, powerful questions you can ask client to uncover the challenges which get in the way of their progress.


  • The 11-point guide to creating achievable outcomes... which will make your dreams and goals a reality 100% of the time!


  • The 5 pillars of an effective goal you can use to smash your goals and make each year the BEST year ever.


  • How “working backward” can help you turn your goals into reality… guaranteed.
  • The 6-letter word you need to avoid offering outright to your clients... and what you should help them discover instead.


  • 3 specific techniques for gaining commitment which works very well to anyone. (If done right.)


  • The two important status in achieving even the most basic outcomes. Plus, how you can help your client to accomplish their desired results and transformation.


  • What is anchoring and The RACE technique of anchoring? Plus, how you can use this technique effectively as a coach.


  • Discover the TURNIP formula to creating successful anchors and learn precisely what you should do to producing the same.


  • How to help the client find a more appropriate way to meet the need to let go of the problem by breaking that unhelpful pattern.


  • 8 exceptional marketing secrets your competitors don't want you to know about


  • The 5-step formula to creating a dynamic personal brochure which will make you stand out from the crowd... and make your prospects thrilled to seek for your service.

Here’s How OM Coaching Method Can

In Your Income and Freedom


You’ll have access to the videos which are divided into 7 modules. And this course’ sole purpose: to help you learn the effective coaching process... through a proven system used for literally anyone... from CEO to professional athletes or even stay at home moms.

Step 1 

Connecting with Your Client,
So Clients Know, Like And Trust You


This is where you start to gain a deep understanding of what professional coaching really is and what it is not. In this module, you will deepen your existing paradigm and awareness of who you are as a coach and who you can become. We will walk through the steps of OM Coaching and right on start practice building as of the first session. From there on, we will move forward with the core competencies of certified coaching: ethics and principles, building trust and intimacy, establishing agreement, effective goal setting, creating compelling futures, creative questions, and more. By the end of this module, we promise you that, you will be able to competently structure a OM professional coaching session.

We go over the importance of getting into rapport with our clients. We go over effective communication, matching, mirroring, use of tone, physiology, and language.

Step 2 

Collecting Info, Giving Feedback
Without Sounding Pushy or Phony


Collecting Info your clients will come in with the things they want to work on and they may not know exactly where to start. This is an important place for the coach to start and build understanding of what questions they need to ask to start the client wheels turning. The way we get the information is just as important as the information that we get. Here at OM we teach our students how to ask the questions, what questions to ask, and how to take down direct quotes from clients to enhance communication.

Step 3 

Asking Powerful Questions 

To Reveal The Truth

In this module, you’ll discover how to start a meaningful dialogue with your client by asking a set of powerful questions. These questions will uncover the limiting beliefs, struggles and negative emotions which are holding them back in achieving their fullest potential.
These questions will aid in getting your client to think more in-depth about their current situation... which will make them realize things about their life.
Powerful Questioning. Questions can change a person’s entire state. You can lead conversations with questions, you can help the client develop new ideas, or you could create stuck states. Our goal here is to ask powerful questions that brings the client from a stuck unresourceful state to a place that has momentum and options. We do this through questioning not advice. Remembering that the client is the expert in their own lives and that we are there to help them through questioning.

Step 4 

Creating Outcomes 

Which Bring The Most Results

In this module, you’ll discover how to create an achievable outcome that’s crystal clear... giving you the utmost clarity about your goals.
It entails identifying your situation... reverse engineering what you need to do to achieve them... what are the indications you have them, including the context and ecology involved.
The Outcomes Planning Step will show you OM’s creative tools and strategies to coach the conscious and subconscious states of a whole person. Humans are multidimensional beings with complexity and this module will give you a broad set of tools, methods and strategies to bring the full potential of the person forward and help you coach them to imagine, design and refine their plans towards managing progress and achievement. Each person has different abilities, perspectives, beliefs, habits, values, resources, cultural background and identity. The methodologies that you will learn in this module will allow you to acknowledge these differences and will give you diverse set of proven tools that you won’t find in any other professional coach training program. Coaching is about creating positive change in people’s lives and stretching their existing reality. To be able to do so, you should learn how to shake your client’s dysfunctional old paradigms by creating a safe space for an authentic dialogue with their mind, body and heart. In this Module, we will show you how to do it. This step gives you a deeper knowledge of OM Coaching’s practices, and the ability to empower your clients to move towards meaningful and sustainable life changes.

Step 5 

An Action Plan Roadmap
Which Helps You Achieve Your Goals… FAST

In this module, you’ll discover how to create an achievable outcome that’s crystal clear... giving you the utmost clarity about your goals.
You’ll discover how to create a step by step plan so that the goal is attainable, relevant and possible. You’ll learn the simple system on how to create a road map so effective... it’s like designing your fail-proof success the right way.

Creating an Action Plan. The action plan consists of short-term action items that the client will be working on between now and the next session to move closer to their outcomes. These action items should be smaller steps toward the larger goals.

Often you clients will ask you, “What should I do?” It’s important, as a coach, that you avoid offering outright advice to your clients. Rather, you should help them to discover what is right for themselves.

Step 6 

Get Commitment:
Do Everything In Your Clients’ Power To Take Action,
Complete Their Action Steps And Succeed At Each One

In this module, you’ll find out how commitment and accountability play a big role in creating success in your life... and the life of your clients.

These two alone can make the coaching relationship so powerful... making your client’s results visible because of consistent actions supporting the desired outcome.

Step 7 

Creating Momentum: Use to Your Advantage to Achieve Even the Most Basic (Or Most Complex) Outcome For Your Clients  

Discover how you can create momentum and motivation by using a proven and tested technique... while incorporating our mind’s basic languages. Plus, a breakthrough approach which you can implement wherein the brain links two things together neurologically.

This method will help you change your current state and shift to a whole new level which enables you to achieve your goals.

The Focus Step is the last module of the “OM Coaching: Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift” Professional Certificate program. Upon successful completion of this module, student coaches will graduate as OMCC: OM Certified Coach and they might to choose move towards completing the components for obtaining their board certification.

This module is about Momentum. Today, people have problems focusing on what is truly important to them, and procrastination as well as lack of motivation is a common challenge to overcome. In this module, we will demonstrate how to coach your clients stay focused on what is truly meaningful to them. You will also learn how to support them to overcome procrastination and negativity, and support their progress through daily actions and ‘small wins’.
As you become a OM Certified Coach, you will learn strategies to focus on your strong and supportive coaching presence that will keep your clients on track.

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