This powerful two-day workshop will help you: 

  1. Design the life you really want to live so you have clear, unhindered goals that are aligned with who you are
  2. Discover your true purpose in life so you can align your everyday decisions with your destiny
  3. Upshift your mindset about what's possible for your life so you can live your highest potential
  4. Understand what holds you back from making progress on your goals and in your life
  5. Develop a bulletproof, practical plan for daily productivity and ongoing self-care that supports your dreams and actions
  6. Create a career or business doing work that you love
  7. Find simple ways to make consistent progress on your goals throughout the year, even after your mojo slows
  8. Experience positive energy, joy, and the courage to dream big
  9. Feel less alone, make new friends and have FUN!

The Maximize Your Mindset Retreat will finally break the cycle of:

  • Bad relationships that you keep finding yourself stuck in
  • Working jobs that make you feel less than because you’re unappreciated and unmotivated 
  •  Yo-yo dieting that packs on way more than you lose 
  •  Making less money than you deserve 
  •  Feeling unfulfilled in your life and work 
  •  Every year, you’ve set the same intentions. You’ve written them down and watched the ball drop. But when February comes, your hard work has stopped and life goes back to what it was.

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone in this.

It’s human nature. It’s the nature of the mind.

But I’m here to let you know, as a counsellor with years and years of experience with this very topic, I can tell you that change isn’t as hard as you think it is. your brain wants you to think it is, actually.

Through a series of discoveries, uncoverings, and action plans, we’re going to pull you out of the cycle of dream, take some action, give up, go back to where you were before.

Maximize Your Mindset is going to hand you the keys to change that comes with ease and flow, so much so that your brain won’t even realize that you’re trying to change, so it’ll mind its own business of SUPPORTING you.

You are strong. Powerful. Capable.

And ready.

Now commit to giving yourself the tools to make the shift! 

No matter what life throws in your way, your goals will become your reality with techniques and tactics that Maximize Your Mindset puts in your hands.

If you want to:

  • Find relationships that make you feel good about who you are and supports your soul and your goals
  • ​Create a business that makes you jump out of bed in the morning 
  • ​Lose the baby weight that 10 years later has not fallen off 
  • ​Move to a new city to spark new adventures 
  • ​Become the parent that you know you can be to your kids 
  • ​Achieve goals you never thought possible in a million years 
  • ​Establish a LIFE that makes you want to sing, even when it rains

Why Maximize Your Mindset

Because as a coach to thousands and thousands of clients, I’ve unlocked the keys to making goals stick: Create ones that resound with your soul.

And I help my clients do that.

I’m Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley and I work with people who are ready for change. They’re done playing games and want to stomp out the limits and walls that throw themselves up every time they try to make more money, lose more weight, or break the cycle of bad relationships.

And I have the training to do just that, as I, not only served as Executive Director of one of the US’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centers, but have my Doctorate in Counseling, am certified in Alternative Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis, and NLP.

This is your chance to change.

The question is are you going to wrap your fingers around it with a death grip so strong that only your dreams can survive it?