Dr. Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and NLP Trainer

Dr. Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley’s background is extraordinarily diverse. Holding a doctorate in counseling ministries, Dr. Maritsa is also a nutritional therapist, and author (“Get Off The Couch” & “The Hypnotic Language Of Success’’) and the former Executive Director of one of the country’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centers. Currently, as the owner of Obtaining Mastery, she tours the country as a sought-after professional speaker, writer, and trainer in NLP and Coaching.

Through continuing education, guest/keynote speaker opportunities, media interviews and more, Yzaguirre-Kelley collaborates with both individuals and organizations, offering Life and Success Coach training as well as NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Mindset Expert certification training. The programs give trainees the opportunity to build successful, rewarding careers doing what they love: helping others to attain and maintain a strong sense of balance and happiness in their lives.


Joe Kelley

As a  Certified Trainer in NLP and Life Coaching, Joe Kelley brings his clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help them overcome obstacles in their day to day work and personal relationships.  Having gone from cherished football star to respected police officer to felon serving prison time, Kelley is a rare gem and real world expert in what it takes to survive and thrive regardless of circumstance. With Joe Kelley’s support, his clients experience personal transformation that helps them make more money and live better in every way.