Dr. Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and NLP Trainer

So happy you are here. I'm Maritsa. My lifes work has been helping people to feel better and live better as a therapist and business owner. After years of feeling frustrated dealing with insurance companies I decided to sell my company. I wanted to get better results, faster, while making more money, and having more fun. Started Obtaining Mastery I have been able to help thousands of burnt out practitioners to create more impact, in less time, while falling in love with what they do all over again. 


Joe Kelley

Joe is originally from Cape Cod, MA. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. Joe was also an All-American collegiate football player for Hartwick college as well. Joe has been passionate about working to better the lives of others since he was a boy and professionally having served in the public sector as a law enforcement officer for 9 years (K-9, SWAT and Interview Interrogation). Joe has also worked as a Adolescence social worker for the Massachusetts Department Of Family And Children.

Joe worked in the private sector for many years as well. First as a clinician in the substance abuse field and for the past 7 years a business developer.

Joe has devoted his life to helping people live a better life. Working in addictions facilities for a number of years Joe knows that the issues go deeper than drugs and alcohol it starts at the core of the individual. In fact, the stigma of addiction was the inspiration for Joe’s senior thesis while at Hartwick College.

Joe’s core principles are hard work, perseverance, and determination. On or off the field, in or out of the office, at home or at the playground Joe truly is an inspiration to all of those in his life. Joe is a father of 5 with the ages ranging from 15 to 5 months. Joe has continued to further his education he is certified in children’s yoga, he is a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Master practitioner, and is on his way to becoming a Trainer of NLP.

When Maritsa and Joe got together it wasn’t just a love connection, they shared the passion of helping people and building their lives around reaching as many people as possible they do this through their business as well as different advocacy groups, they are a part of.